Working in a group means learning how to work together in addition to learning something new. Here's a variety of ways in which First and Central can assist your organization in a group format.

The Coach Approach—You don't want to be a coach, BUT you'd love to find a better way to assist  people to grow without always telling them exactly what to do, or giving them advice which they don't usually take anyway. Learn how to assist people to uncover their own wisdom, find their own right answers.

Mentoring Effectively—Being an effective mentor is more than just giving advice or explaining how the system works. It's a delicate relationship. Learn how to set boundaries so that you are not being used simply for political gain. Learn how to use the coach approach to assist your mentee to discover their own right answers.

Communication Building—You each know what you mean. You each see something important to consider. But when you come together, you end up holding back from saying what you really mean, or not holding back and wishing you had. We help you find a new way to express, bring everything to the table, show up fully and stay respectfully connected while you do it.

Creating Alignment—You're in charge. But the troops are politely ignoring the direction you want go in. Or maybe not so politely. What to do? There is a difference between having total agreement and creating alignment. At First and Central, we help you open the dialog, break down walls, build bridges, and create a collaborative environment that finds a way to move you in the right direction without requiring absolute agreement.