Sandia National Laboratories

I first worked with Salley when I assumed responsibility for a group of eight managers.  To help orient me to the group as well as the group learn each other better, she planned a "Discover Your Strengths" workshop.  This was definitely one of the more thought-provoking and powerful workshop experiences I have ever had.   It brought the group closer together as well as gave us insight into how to better work as a team.  It gave us the perspective and skills to leverage the diversity and strengths everyone brought to the table.  We later had Salley lead the group in a strategic planning session that was also extremely valuable.   Instead of the usual 'cookbook' approach to strategic planning, she put together a unique approach for us that was an excellent fit for the organization.  As a result, we left the session with a vision, objectives and draft plan of milestones with resource assignments.  I would definitely recommend Salley for any organization that is open to growth, has some hurdles to overcome, or just needs to become more effective as an organization.

Bonnie Hammond, Manager, Cyber Security

I first went to Salley when I had two team leaders on my team struggling to work together.  Salley worked with them one-on-one, then together to help them create a better way to communicate and work together.  That was four years ago, and today they are collaborating well to ensure our work gets done efficiently and effectively.  Our second challenge was an individual who was very disruptive to the team.  She had been a team member for a long time, was a high contributor, but left bodies in her wake.  Salley spent many months working with her to help her to understand how some of her behaviors could be disruptive to the group.  We made great headway, thanks to Salley's coaching.  For my personal growth, Salley helped me through many difficult times.  As I worked through some tough family times, Salley was always there encouraging me to have the important conversations, and helping me to understand the cost of not speaking my truths (to myself and to my family).  During this difficult time, she helped me to get back on track, nurturing myself, and holding myself accountable in order to get my health back.  I started eating right, exercising, and I am once again enjoying life, looking forward to retiring and starting an alternative health business.  Thank you Salley for all your help along this learning journey.

Gwen M. Pullen, Mgr, Reporting and Planning Systems

It's been wonderful working with Salley. I'm convinced that what I've learned through the coaching process has increased my value to my organization at least five fold. I am more productive than ever, and my teaming skills are significantly stronger.  Meetings have become opportunities for collaboration and contention has decreased dramatically . One of the greatest benefits from the coaching experience has been an increased ability to see and accept other points of view while still being true to myself.  I would recommend Salley and Company to anyone who is looking for a ways to "supercharge" their productivity.

Jay Clise, Team Lead, Reporting and Planning Systems