What We Believe

At First and Central, we believe that there is no boundary between who you are at work and who you are outside of work. We believe that growing any part of you grows all of you.  Any awareness you create in striving to be a better parent, or a better athlete, or a better boss, or a better worker spills over into every other part of your life, energizes you and every one around you, making work more enjoyable, making work more creative, more productive.

We believe that growing better doesn’t always feel better. It takes effort.  We believe that if we partner with you and break down the effort into do-able, bite-size chunks you can avoid exhaustion and overwhelm. Each small step makes your goals more achievable, builds more energy, allows you to excel, grow stronger, more resilient, more self-aware, more related, more courageous, more savvy, more capable.

We believe that to maximize the benefit to the organization we must work both individually and systemically. Together they have much greater impact than either applied alone. This means coaching and OD work are more powerful when combined.

We believe that the specific and diligent application of our collective best thinking nets the greatest results. And that the best thinking comes from people coming together as authentically, as transparently, as courageously as possible to bring their best ideas to the table every day.

We strive to live what we believe and we love assisting others to live this way, too. Lighting others up lights us up. Together we are brilliant.